portrait of a young man by Lucia Cascio wedding rings by Julie Evans baby boy by Bonnie Iris Photography

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Focused Photographers aims to provide a dynamic international community for artists, professionals & photography enthusiasts to connect, grow & inspire one another.

We strive to maintain a supportive, friendly atmosphere in which members work together to improve their photography skills through focused learning & constructive critique.

We believe that challenging ourselves is fundamental to improving our photography skills & that as members of the Focused Photographers community we can achieve that goal together.

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Focused Photographers is an international, online community for both professional and amateur photographers. Our free and paid forums provide a supportive, friendly atmosphere for members to improve their photography skills through discussion, tutorials & constructive critique.

Thank you to our members who have generously provided images for our home page: Lucia Cascio, Cathy Kuhlman, Julie Evans, Tessa Linden, Bonnie Iris Photography, El Fung, Nichole Crossley, Nadya Rubina, Helen Savage, Julie Pease, Gary Christenot.