Episode 002: Creativity through Practice with Daniel Moyer


In this Episode, I’m launching the first monthly topic: Creativity!



Listen along as we get into how creativity ended up being the first topic released, some of my backstory and what so many photographers do when they’re just starting out that could end up hurting them in the long run. I cover how I stopped doing a disservice to myself, got out of the affirmation trap, and the photography books that helped fuel my creativity drive!



This month on creativity has a bunch of AMAZING guests but more than just listening to some of the knowledge dropped, go download this little booklet: 25 Projects and Challenges to Amplify Your Creativity! Download it below!


This months guests:

Citlalli Rico 

Tony Hoffer

Chuck Anerino

Dan Morris



Sam Abell’s Book: The Life of a Photograph

Behind the Scenes of Magnum Photographers: Magnum Contact Sheets Book

Roberto Valenzula’s Book: Picture Perfect Practice

Joe McNally’s Book: The Hot Shoe Diaries

If you can find one, Henri Cartier-Bresson’s: The Decisive Moment

If you really want to get into theory and thoughts on photography, read Roland Barthes: CAMERA LUCIDA