Episode 003: Creativity through Simplicity with Citlalli Rico


Citlalli Rico is a Mexican wedding photographer who specializes in observing and capturing real, intimate moments and creative natural portraits. Her and her sister Tamara work have photographed over 700 weddings all over Mexico. As a speaker and educator, Citlalli has been invited to speak in the USA, UK, Belgium, Netherlands, Italy, and France!


I first saw Citlalli speak at Mystic Seminars way back in 2013-2014 and I credit her with redirecting where my photography towards documentary and where I am now with her commentary on the story behind this one photograph below. This type of lighting situation would have freaked me out when I first started out!

Listen as Citlalli talks about:

  • her early days of photographing volume wedding in Mexico and what led her to scaling back.
  • Citlalli shares her thought process on the wedding day,
  • how she builds photographs while focusing on light, moment and composition,
  • how she stays fresh and inspired even while working at the same venues often, and
  • how a simple and minimalist in all aspects of her wedding approach allows her to be as creative as possible.



In the episode Citlalli mentions a cheap Samyang 18mm lens that she uses and loves. I went out and bought the exact lens after our session and LOVE it too! Samyang 18mm AF-E 18mm F2.8

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