Episode 007: Marketing by Building Word of Mouth Networks with Daniel Moyer

Hey! That’s me – Dan Moyer! On today’s episode, listen as I share how I’ve built my business over the last decade by supercharging my couples and giving them the tools to tell others about me!


Social media changes (See Instagram’s announcement from this week how they’re shifting away from a photocentric platform.) Algorithms change almost daily, and yet other platforms become obsolete as quick as they’ve arrived.


You know what doesn’t change? Someone’s opinion of you unless you wrong them.


That’s why the relationships you have, cultivating new ones, and feeding old ones should form the foundation of your marketing. It’s this idea that I’ve built my business on and why I keep having my past couple show up at my current weddings.


In episode 7 of the Focused Photographers Podcast, listen as we dive into creating an experience for your couples that will give them tools outside of great photos to talk about you. I’ll also cover the two other areas to focus on while building word of mouth networks include why you should stop giving albums, artwork and sending galleries to wedding venues.