Episode 008: Marketing using Social Media with Stephanie Kase


Stephanie Kase is a photographer, YouTuber, online shop owner, and educator for small business owners. She teaches with a practical, no-fluff approach on her YouTube channel and inside her signature online course, The Business Confident Photographer. Besides running her business, you can often find her cuddling her Sheepadoodle, hanging out with her husband, and drinking a chai latte.


I first stumbled across Stephanie’s Instagram’s after seeing of her Reels. Reels were still pretty new at that time. I started following Stephanie’s account for her no-nonsense advice on using social media to market your business. What seemed like overnight she went from a few thousand followers to over 10k! At the time of writing, she’s got over 16k. 


Her personality is infectious. Her content engaging and her followers even more engaged!


Listen as on Episode 8 of the Focused Photographer’s Podcast, Stephanie shares how she built her following, what she loves about Instagram Reels, and her best tips for growing your numbers, setting boundaries, creating content and building a loyal following across multiple platforms!



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