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Episode 009 | Marketing: Building Relationships with Wedding Venues with Joe Dantone


Joe Dantone is a wedding and commercial photographer based out of the greater Philadelphia area. After a rocky start to a college education, Joe left university and began working as a BWM technician. The dream job, right?! While working as a BMW tech a friend asked Joe to photograph their wedding. Not long after that, Joe felt the pull to leave the soul-sucking 9am-5pm and craft a life of joy and fulfillment as a wedding photographer!


While trying to build a sustainable business built for longevity, Joe fell into a natural rhythm of building relationships with the venues he photographed weddings at. Soon they became a huge source of consistent referrals.


Listen in Episode 9 of the Focused Photographers Podcast to Joe’s story, what the benefits of venues relationships are, how to focus on the venue’s needs and what exactly he does to build relationships with wedding venues!



Wedding Instagram: @JoeDantone_Photography

Commercial Instagram: @Dantone_Creative

Education Instagram @TetherEDU


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