Episode 010 | Marketing: Creating an Authentic Client Experience with Miles Witt Boyer


Miles Witt Boyer is a FujiFilm X-Photographer with a giant heart. Within minutes of we signed on Zoom for this recording, it felt like I’d know Miles for years. For a guy as busy as he is–married with two kids and running a photography business with multiple photographers–it’s remarkable that you have his full attention the entire time he’s with you! 


This is one of those conversations that I kept nodding my head and laughing in agreement! Miles is a genuinely thoughtful dad, husband and human-being first, and photographer second. I think is that is the perfect way to describe his photography approach–people first. 


Listen as we discuss values like Authenticity, Connection, Emotion, and taking our clients on journey that’s more than just taking pictures. We explore what we as photographers are truly signing up for when we’re hired as a wedding photographer and how to connect in a deeply meaningful way with our clients. Miles has a ton of great stories that illustrate this approach in a beautiful way. This episode is sure to blow some minds, require some soul-searching, and help you see the experience leading up to the “photography session” in a completely new way.