Episode 012: Productivity: Three Ideas for a More Productive Day


There’s a lot of road blocks for creatives to master their schedules. If you’re like me then you got into photography because someone said you’re good at taking photos. Well just because you’re good at taking photos, doesn’t mean your good at running a business or managing your time. The pandemic only exacerbated the need for time management. Many of us are working on vastly different circumstances with significant others and spouses at home, kids running around, lack of traditional structure and much more.


Join me as I share three ideas to make your day more productive. These three ideas are battle tested around my own restrictive schedule being a full time dad from 6am-2:30pm while my wife works from home in the corporate world and I run three business full time from 2:30-4:30pm and whenever else I can fit it in! I promise you’ll take one actionable item away from this episode that you’ll be able to implement right away.


Listen for the overview of the entire month’s guests and what each of them will bring to the table!