Episode 014 | Productivity: Baby Steps to Creating a more Efficient Photography Business


Mike Morby is a photographer, serial-entrepreneur, tinkerer, and all-around super guy. He and his wife manage a team of photographers under their brand Morby Photography. Mike recently launched Edit.Cafe and ShootWith.Me over the last several years to help the photography industry with two big hurdles many of us face: getting more time back by outsourcing and finding good second photographers and assistants.


I first met Mike at a business workshop he hosted in early 2019. In the photography bubble of Philadelphia and South Jersey Mike is known for business acumen. His high-efficiency, productivity, and systemization are something to be admired. Initially, I was skeptical and even offered a little push back but in truth I just wasn’t ready for Mike’s message. Now several years later with a bunch more kids in tow, I am all the wiser to it.


In this week’s episode, Mike and I catch up to chat about all-things productivity and getting-sh*t-done. Mike talks about the low hanging fruit, like outsourcing editing and finding a good CRM, that makes the biggest changes in reclaiming our day. Mike also discusses how to get more granular and find hidden timesavers that add up to huge time savings over the course of a year. Examples are how much you move your hands during editing, how much time you save by switching to one large memory card vs multiple smaller cards, saving time on charging batteries, and gamifying tasks to challenge and compete with yourself!


There’s something for everyone in this photography business podcast episode that will have you streamlining your workflow, organizing your day, inching towards work/life balance and getting your life back!



ShootWith.Me – ShootWith.Me is a centralized platform that helps studios connect with available photographers and assistants

Edit.Cafe – Edit Cafe is an outsourcing editing platform with a streamlined system of editing where each job is reviewed and edited by multiple editor/photographers.