Episode 015 | Productivity: Building Business Success with Systems, Strategies and Tactics with Scott Josuweit


Scott Josuweit is a wedding photographer know for bold and vibrant colors and storytelling moments based out of York, PA. Scott is a MagMod AmbassadorSLR Lounge Ambassador, OCF wizard, and systems and processed guru!


In this episode Scott dives into a side of business that’s not often spoke about much: building systems in your business and tracking how successful they are. (Not as sexy as OCG BUT will make you way more money and build your business for longevity!) Scott is a previous Special Ed. teacher turned wedding photographer and his analytical and logical approach to teaching influences into his photography business.


Listen as Scott lays out the differences between systems, strategies, and tactics, how to measure the data they output, where to manage manage the data, what it all means and WHY this is so important!



This episode is heavy on information and can be a bit technical at times so you’re going to want to grab a pen and paper and take some notes. You’re going to come away from this episode with some tangible ideas on how to measure your businesses movement in the right direction! 


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