Episode 017 | Work/Life Balance: Preparing for Parenthood as an Entrepreneur with Stacey Owen


If you’re self-employed and a parent, then you know the constant struggle of trying to balance it all and keep it all together. It’s tricky to say the least. We’re constantly being told to pick one or the other. The problem occurs when we see Work and Life as two separate goals. Naturally as you focus on one goal sacrifices are made elsewhere. It’s only when you see Work and Life as one and on the same path to designing a life that’s meaningful and joyful that you’ll find true happiness.


Join Stacey Owen and I as we talk about her journey from a not so great relationship, to discovering and being saved by the photography world. Like many of us, she became busy and the sacrifices came in time and relationships with family and friends. “They didn’t know what I looked like,” she recalls in the episode. This was the catalyst for major change in designing her life.


Now several years later, she’s hung up her professional camera straps and is the Founder and CEO of Pepper, a modern marketing agency for photographer to help handle content strategy, blogging, social media, design and much more. Pregnant with her first child at the time of recording, a new journey is about to begin. Listen as she talks parenthood, entrepreneurship, and work/life balance!


Website: www.meetpepper.ca

Instagram: @meet.pepper

Facebook: The Pepperverse


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