Episode 19 | Work/Life Balance: Lightening Your Load by Outsourcing Your Photos with Elise Hogberg


Work/Life Balance is on everyones mind in one form or another. As photography business owners, we tend to wear all the hats and sometimes have difficulty letting go of the parts of the process.

Inevitably you’ll look at a friend and say “I can’t wait until the off season. I’m so tired!” It’s at that point, you need to take a long hard look at what you’re doing in your business and see if it’s sustainable. We start businesses for more time, freedom, and money but the shine of that quickly wears off when the typical 8 hours a day job becomes 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

In episode 19 of the Focused Photographers Podcast, Image Salon Sales Manager, Elise Hogberg gives us the behind the scenes look at what she hears from photographers every day before, during, and after they engage in the Image Salon’s editing services.

“Not to be overly dramatic,” she says quoting one photographer she works with, “but you’ve saved my life.” If you’ve every been so deep in work, client expectations, orders and more, you’ll know that this isn’t overly dramatic. It’s real talk!

In today’s episode, Elise shares a bit about:

  • what problems she seems photographers having prior to taking the leap, 
  • when you know it’s time to outsource, 
  • what you can expect when outsourcing, 
  • the best time to start an relationship with an outsourcing company, 
  • hurdles to outsourcing
  • a bit about their AI editing platform, Phaito
The single biggest thing I love about when I talk to anyone from Image Salon is that they’re Team Outsource. Sure, they love their company and think they provide something unique but more than anything, they’re pro Work/Life Balance. That gesture speaks volumes about them as individuals and as a company.


Website: www.ImageSalon.com

AI- Editing: www.Phaito.com

Instagram: @imgsalon

Facebook: www.facebook.com/imgsalon


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