Episode 022: My 2022 Work/Life Balance Experiment


I see it every year in the Fall. The wedding season is winding down and the posts start to pop up about editing queues, delayed emails, mountains of post production, burn out, and looking forward to the season being over. Work/Life Balance is on everyones mind but it doesn’t seem like there’s a great tangible way to think about how to make it all work. 


The problem with the current Work/Life Balance model is that it’s binary. You have work on one side of your life with it’s own goals, and Life on the other side with it’s own goals and you’re trying to blindly, or by feel, balance the two. It goes like this. You set your goals for work: booking more weddings, making six figures, more followers, more status, etc. The more you focus on hitting those goals, guess what happens? Sacrifices are naturally made elsewhere. Relationships are strained, physical health put to the side, and then mental health is in jeopardy. How the heck do we measure balance so this doesn’t happen? If it’s by feel then by the time burn out hits, it’s too late. How quickly we forget about how we feel in the Fall of one year enough to make changes for Fall a whole year away. 


In this episode, I propose a new model for Work/Life Harmony where we see Work and Life as part of the same path to a happy, joyous, and prosperous life!


Listen as I lay out a new idea the web of your life and how every part of it connects and the one area that I see photographers struggling to make the connection. It’s pretty deep so grab a pen and paper and take notes. Then when you’re done email me at daniel@focusedphotographers.com and let me know what you think!


The second half of the episode is dedicated wholly to how I’m implementing this new idea in 2022 with my great Work/Life Balance experiment. I discuss in detail the boundaries I set for myself, my family, and my business. It was hard but so worth it! Since booking for 2022 started in 2021, I had put this experiment into effect a year ago but I’m really excited to keep you updated throughout the process and let you know where I’m at in my experiment, what I’ve changed and how I feel on the whole. Thank you for being a long for the ride!



Gratitude Journal that I’m using every morning: The Five Minute Journal