Episode 023 | Brand Building: Creating a Transformational Client Experience with Lindsay Hite


Lindsay Hite is a boudoir and empowerment photographers based near Boston, Massachusetts. Lindsay believes that each of us has an inner light and her job is to help the women she works with to see their unique and beautiful spirit to help their light shine brighter.


Lindsay is a true inspiration! (You may need a tissue or two if you a hyper-emotional person like me.) She shares her journey from photographing everything and anything, to documenting weddings, and finally settling in as a boudoir photographer. Lindsay shares the the crystalizing moment that it all came together for her as to why women need empowerment and the rejuvenating effects of the photographic experience she provides.


The experience Lindsay crafted and the brand she built with the help of other professionals in her network is nothing short of transformational. Here’s a brief overview of what we discussed:


  • Her transition from weddings to boudoir
  • How she ties in other professionals, like a meditation/life coach and a local artist from her network into her client experience
  • What she does to continue to learn and craft an personal client experience
  • How she builds trust and rapport with women who are vulnerable in many ways
  • The use of a gift fund for her clients to save up for the experience she provides and what she does along the way to build confidence

After this episode, I believe that Lindsay is the definition of designing a business based on intention and a brand that ties to you as a person and what you value.



Lindsay mentions this book, The Body Keeps Score, that helped her to craft a restorative Client Experience: The Body Keeps Score by Bessel van Der Kolk