Episode 024 | Brand Building: How to Build a Brand that's True to You and Resonates with Others with Taylor Fisher


Taylor Jones has an incredible story of coming childhood in rural West Virginia to actualizing the life that she wants living on a 40+ acre farm in Colorado. Her story weaves through many life changes but the one thing that stayed consistent was her focus on staying true to herself. 


In episode 24, listen as Taylor discusses what it takes to build a business that is unabashedly true to yourself and resonates with others. Branding is way more than colors, logos, and websites. It’s what others feel about you and your business. I agree with Taylor when she says that Branding is so much about creating an experience for your clients. Pouring into others lives, building them up, and showing up for them creates the ultimate client experience that will build a following of happy and loyal clients who will become lifelong supporters and friends.


“When everything happened with the pandemic, that was our best year financially because we had so many clients tell us, ‘We know your going to be at our wedding. Here’s a check. Keep the money.’ We had clients driving out to our property to do all kinds of sessions. By having this massive following of amazing clients, they showed up when we needed them too.”


Check out this amazing episode to learn how you can build a following too!



Taylor is a Colorado wedding photographer and photography business coach. She lives on her ranch in the heart of the Rocky Mountains with her husband, two toddler boys, alpacas, goats, and chickens. Her passion for education and watching other women pursue their passion and freedom in creativity has lead her to coaching photographers on building a six-figure photography brand. When she’s not working, you can catch her people watching at her favorite small mountain town coffee shops, mountain biking, at a yoga class, binging on The Office reruns, or on outdoor homeschooling adventures with her family and homeschool co-op! Learn more at her podcast, Fearless Fempire, or at taylorjones.co



Taylor’s Education and Free Webinar: www.taylorjones.co