This is the moment everything changed.

In just 4 short years from this photo we’d have 3 kids under 3 years: our oldest daughter followed but surprise fraternal boy and girl twins (#blessed).


I knew I needed  to get my business (and lifestyle) in shape. Despite having a six figure wedding photography business from year 2, I had nothing to show for it except mountains of debt. Panic really set in when I had a dry-spell and didn’t book a wedding for over 6 months.


With no one to blame myself, I used this as the kindling to transform my life, my business and my relationships to make the following years more meaningful, joy-filled, and more profitable than I could have imagined.


And now I’m on a journey to help other photographers discover exactly how to do it their way.

I believe...

...finding meaning in your business is more satisfying and sustainable in the long run than just aiming for a six-figures. can't pour from an empty cup so fill yours first.

...your business is built to serve the life you want, not the other way around.

...embracing your uniqueness is what will lead you to running a successful, profitable business you are proud of.

Hi! It's me - Dan Moyer!

I’m a high-energy, smitten husband to my bookish and supportive wife Rachel. We had our first daughter in 2016 before being blessed with twins even though there’s no history of multiples on either side of our family (surprise!)


We are spreading our roots in a small suburb just outside Philadelphia. We love our 100 year old home and all its quirks, hosting a good party, the beach, reading, and eating at Olive Garden way too often.


Before kids, marriage, and a mortgage my wife was there. I was unemployed and moving back home to my parents house. She’s was there through every I hope this works, what if, and hear me out conversation.

It’s been over a decade since living at my parents and renting a camera for every wedding. I’ve photographed in Germany, Spain, Cancun, Jamaica, Curacao, and all across the US. Through every twist and turn of my entrepreneurial journey there’s one thing that’s been my North Star: deeply personal customer service and dedication to my clients.
The one thing I'm really good at is understanding the needs of others. At our core, each of us desires to be seen, heard and understood. I teach photographers how to transform their business through the lens of a client-first experience.

This or That

*This took me way longer than it should have.



Phone Call


Night Owl





Home Brewed Coffee



Morning Lark

Styled Shoot



Business is hard.
I thought I was set when I hit six figures in my second year of business. Boy, was I wrong. Not 5 years later, I went from booked solid to not booking anything for 6 months the next. 

I sat on the beach during our family vacation blaming everyone else. The same reel playing over and over in my head:

*The market is too saturated.

*Other photographers are too cheap.

*This bride is too picky.

*My couples don’t get it.

Spoiler alert: It was all me. I got comfortable and took my couples for granted.

I started to coast and the only way to coast is down hill. 

When your business IS YOU, it’s time to look in the mirror.

Real change happened when I looked inward and took a deep dive into everything my business did. I looked through notes from workshops, books, and conferences. I read the reviews my couples wrote about me and talked with my 20%’er couples.

I came up with 5 concepts to guide every client interaction, every business decision, and EVERY inch of the client experience.

Guess what happened? I went from booking $4k-$5k weddings to $7k-$8k and continue to break $10k a couple times a year.