038 | How to Cut Out the Excess and Simplify Your Business with Sam Hurd

As photographers, we are always looking for strategies to be more efficient in our business and organized in our workflows. Today I am speaking with Sam Hurd, a wedding photographer with distinct style and mind-bending photographs. We are getting into Sam’s approach to staying inspired as a photographer, plus his way of building effective workflows […]

037 | How to Use a CRM to Simplify and Organize Your Business with Colie James

Something so many creative entrepreneurs struggle with is getting organized. Today I am so excited to be speaking with automation and systems guru, Colie James, about how she helps entrepreneurs become more organized in their systems and gain their time and freedom back. Plus, she is sharing all about the number one time drain that […]

036 | Building an Efficient Photography Workflow as a Parent

Are you in need of a solid and efficient workflow for your photography business? In this episode, I’m sharing how I transformed my wedding photography post-shoot workflow from a time-sucking, overwhelming, and ridiculous process that I dreaded into a couple hours of work per week. I’m opening up about the mindset shifts that I experienced […]