046 | Three Measures of Success in Your Photography Business

The wedding photography industry seems to be obsessed with earning money and building a six-figure business. In today’s episode, I’m sharing the three metrics that I believe will actually lead to a happy and fulfilling work/life balance. Looking at client happiness, financial stability, and life outside of work, I’m opening up a broader discussion about […]

045 | 3 Things to Do When You Need More Inquiries

The beginning of the year is a perfect time to start building and growing the referral streams for your business. In today’s episode, I’m sharing what I believe should be the primary focus for your lead generation: relationship building. I’m detailing the rocky start that my business experienced in 2019, and the three main relationships […]

044 | How I’m Preparing for 2023

For the last episode of 2022, I am discussing everything that I’m doing in the off-season to set up my business for the new year. From claiming ownership over all of my time, focusing on personal growth, and making strategic developments in my business, I’m sharing an overview of what 2023 will look like for […]

043 | Listener Q&A: Off-Season Prep, Self Care, Managing Finances, & Book Recs.

Today on the Focused Photographers Podcast, I’m diving into the first ever Q&A session. I’ve got five great questions submitted by you: newsletter subscribers, Instagram followers, and the listeners of this podcast. We’re diving into topics such as my top book recommendations, how I spend the off-season, my financial setup, and self-care.  The Focused Photographers […]

041 | Growth: How to Grow Your Photography Business with Joy Michelle

As freelance photographers, it may be stressful or scary to try and grow our businesses. My guest today Joy Michelle, a photographer turned Youtuber and business coach, is no stranger to continual growth and dedication towards her career. As the mom of two kiddos, the host of the Called to Both podcast, and founder of […]

039 | Workflow: Full-Time Salary on Part-time Work with Colin Coleman

As entrepreneurs and business owners, we are constantly designing our own lives. Many of us dream of having plenty of time for passion projects, moments spent with family, and most of all to spend our time however we want to. In today’s final episode in a series on workflow, I’m speaking with my good friend […]

038 | Workflow: How to Cut Out the Excess and Simplify Your Business with Sam Hurd

As photographers, we are always looking for strategies to be more efficient in our business and organized in our workflows. Today I am speaking with Sam Hurd, a wedding photographer with distinct style and mind-bending photographs. We are getting into Sam’s approach to staying inspired as a photographer, plus his way of building effective workflows […]