These are my gifts to you.

Below is a list of my favorite resources, tools that I actually use, companies that I work with and more. There’s zero fluff. They are all time-tested. Some of the links below are referral links and I may receive a commission.

Madera Books is a boutique album company known for impeccably crafted books. Every book is in Texas!

I use them for all my books. My favorite is the Portrait Book that I use for Engagements.

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Pixieset is how I deliver all of my galleries and my clients LOVE it!

It's clean, has modern templates, simple controls, integrations with multiple labs, a beautiful cart experience for your couples, and more. What's left to be desired?

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Email marketing tools are a dime a dozen. But when I first tried Flodesk, I was blown away!

It's simplicity makes it easy to pick up and it's templates are beautiful! It makes keeping in touch with your clients a snap.

Get 50% off your Flodesk subscription. It's free to try. Just use the link below to get started!
Quickbooks makes the task of managing your books super easy.

Seeing a snapshot of the financial health of your business is easy even for a person that's not a numbers person - like me.

With the link below you'll get 50% off your subscription and a $50 gift card! Your accountant will thank you.
Tave is my studio management software for over 5 years now for one reason: It's powerful! It's got flexibility, custom automations, payment integrations, contract signing, and loads more. What I like most is that they listen to their users and are constantly updating.

Use the link below and get a huge 60-day trail period and really make it work for you

Resources for you from me!

A must read book for each area of your business.

Be productive.

The most difficult task creatives struggle with is managing themselves. That’s where “Manage Your Day-to-Day” comes in. Each chapter is broken down into a bite-sized chunk with actionable information. It comes with tangible inspiration from well-known thinkers, business owners, and authors to make you more productive right from Chapter 1.

Grow your wealth.

A Simple Path to Wealth by JL Collins is my favorite money management book for those who are debt free. But, for anyone carrying debt, Ramsey’s Total Money Makeover is foundational! Ramsey’s book will help you pay off debts while creating and building a cash emergency fund.

Once you are out of debt it is certainly worth returning to A Simple Path to Wealth. JL Collins has a simple but important mantra: “Spend less than you earn. Invest the rest. Avoid debt at all costs.”

Wow your couples.

Chip Heath & Dan Heath do an incredible job on challenging you to look at every part of your client interactions. The authors suggest that every consumer enters a business transaction expecting a certain “script.” It’s the businesses job to flip the script. Turning these transactions into an experience will make you memorable and have your clients raving about you. Soon you’ll be “filling the valleys” and “elevating the peaks” in order to create unforgettable experiences for your clients!